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PA and TNA Immunotherapy

Question of the Week: Answered!

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Our Answer:

It’s great that you’re seeking information about new treatments and becoming more aware of your options!

Although strict avoidance of problem foods is the best way to prevent a reaction, recent clinical trials of promising treatments are underway.

In recent news, an immunotherapy patch for peanut allergy teaches the body to have less of an allergic reaction by gradually exposing a patient to the allergen. You can read more about the clinical trials here.

Oral immunotherapy seeks to desensitize peanut allergy patients and offers an opportunity to increase their tolerance of peanut protein. You can read more about the results of oral immunotherapy trials here.

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology has put immunotherapy as the prime focus of their field of allergy research. You can read more about their developments here.

We have a huge community here at! Check out this previous discussion between our members about immunotherapy here. You are encouraged to start a new discussion to connect with members who have experience with this treatment.

We asked our Facebook community for some tips and here’s what they had to say.

We hope you find this information helpful and that you find a treatment that’s best suited for you!

My 15 year old son just reached maintenance in his peanut immunotherapy. He now eats 8000 milligrams of peanuts daily. He has a RAST score of greater than 100, so hes very allergic. We no longer read labels, or worry about cross contamination. He has his daily ""medicine"" (16 peanut m&ms) every evening around 8, and then has to stay pretty calm for 3 hours. We ""updosed"" every 2 weeks in our allergists office, starting last August. It has been a complete game changer for us.

Hi there!

I am currently part of the study for the Viaskin peanut patch. I have been wearing the patch for about 2.5 years now. I apply a new one each day. When I first started this study, I could only tolerate 144 mg of peanuts and had a life threatening reaction. After two years of wearing the patch, I could tolerate 440 mg of peanut and had a non-life threatening reaction.

I strongly urge you to ask your allergist about Viaskin patch. I hope this helps!