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peanut allergy on tv show

Its true that those who do not suffer from a food allergy or have a child with a food allergy, do not understand how serious it can be. Many times people have told my daughter to just pick off the nuts not realizing that does not make the food item any safer whatsoever.

The majority of people dont seem to grasp how extremely dangerous a peanut allergy can be. My teenage son is severely allergic. We have several school stories that are hard to fathom.
Thankfully he is receiving treatment!! Finally, treatment is offered.
It is going extremely well. This week his treatment dose is 6 peanuts/day. Tomorrow it will be increased to 8 peanuts/day. If you want to read about it I write a blog to help others in our situation Its called Just a LIttle Peanut at

This reminds me of that movie Hitch with Will Smith. He has a shellfish allergy and I think that movie actually downplays how serious food allergies can be. His whole face swells up but he never goes to the hospital.