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Peanut Free class request

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you are completely ignorant about food allergies. You need to educate yourself before blasting us. Our kids dont just get a bad case of diarrhea and a rash when they eat or touch their allergen,...THEY DIE! An ""intolerance"" is not the same as an allergy. You cant die of an intolerance. Our kids have every right to a safe classroom and lunchroom. No, our kids cant ""just say no to peanuts"" as you suggested. Peanuts are in MANY products in minute amounts. Often, they are found in products you would never suspect, like oatmeal, potato chips, cake, chili, candy, Asian food. Lets say at snack time Johnny eats a handful of Cinnamon Chex cereal. Johnny doesnt know the cereal contains peanuts because its not in the name. So Johnny assumes it has no peanuts in it so he doesnt wash his hands after snack. He then goes to art class where he touches various markers, colored pencils, and crayons, the table, his seat etc. Julie, who is deathly allergic to peanuts has art class next period. She happens to sit at the same table Johnny sat at last class. She has no idea that some of the media items on her table are contaminated with peanuts. Its Russian roulette for her as she touches the very same markers and pencils that Johnny touched. Julie starts to get hives and throws up. On her way to the nurse Julie cant stop coughing and has trouble breathing. Luckily, the nurse knows exactly what Julies problem is and immediately gives her the Epi-pen all PA kids keep in the nurses office. Then Julie takes an ambulance ride to the hospital because sometimes one Epi-pen isnt enough to stop the reaction and secondary reactions sometimes happen hours after the initial reaction. All because Johnny didnt wash his hands after snack, and Julie wasnt in a peanut free classroom. Its really no big deal for nonallergic children to help keep allergic children safe. I have 7 kids, but only 1 with allergies. The other 6 are certainly not suffering. Nonallergic kids can eat peanuts the other 18 hours a day at home and all weekend long. Its a minor inconvenience to SAVE A CHILDS LIFE.

This makes me so sad that not all schools in U.S. dont recognize the need and right for all children to have a safe environment to learn. Talk about behind the times...cmon America! Wake up! I take for granted that I live in Canada and it is a law that all schools here are peanut/nut free. Being a mom to 2 children with nut allergies, I am thankful for our government and their commitment to children and their safety in schools. To the person who posted comparing their eczema to a peanut allergy - I feel sorry for you and your ignorance.

I am pretty knowledgeable on the topic as I have done a lot of research on this topic and have contacted attorneys. By law, your child falls under Sec 504 of the ADA act You can make them give you a plan with the help of an attorney -- guaranteed!! Good luck!

You do NOT need a lawyer to get a 504. You can google for examples of food allergy 504s, you can call your local Advocacy agency (usually called something like Center for Independant Living), you can even call the Office of Civil Rights for advice. 13 years of public schools NOT getting it I never had to use a lawyer. We reached an understanding before then. What I did experience often was ISDs are quick to act like they know better and they are the going to tell you whats best right up until you educate them to the law and that you do know your rights and your childs rights. Then the tides turn and everyone gets on the same page.
People are just resistant to change and everyone wants to be in charge. For us they quickly learned the only person in charge was us.

We have a high schooler that has a severe PN and TN allergy. We are in a new school and district. I did the same that someone else said. I went to the nurse. She then had a meeting with the principal and they made all the corrections that they could. My son will walk out of a class if someone opens a product with his allergen.
As a dear friend once told me was true to anyone that has a severe life threatening food allergy.
It is a hidden disability!
Best of luck at your new school. Hope it is all worked out soon.

My 10yr son has a class 5 life threatening peanut allergy. We have had a 504 plan at his school since he was in 1st grade. It requires his classroom remain 100% peanut free and NO outside food is permitted in his classroom. We also have a peanut free lunch table as well as numerous other accommodations. It is by far the best decision weve made

Its against the law according the the ADA to be denied a 504 for your childs life treating food allergy. Call your local office of civial rights if you cant get your school to cooperate. The law is 100% on your side.

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