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Peanut Oil in Fryer at Chick Fil A

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My PA son reacted to it. Dont take the chance.

NO WAY! It is NOT worth the risk. My pediatric allergist says STRICT AVOIDANCE. There are so many other safe foods to be consumed. Why take a chance? When in doubt, go without 🙂

@ Megan ^^^^ NOT worth the risk of dying over peanut oil. Curious what your parents thought of this? Do they know? Everyone is different. Food allergies can get worse and no one knows what the next reaction might be (if there is a next time) Better to stay away than die.

We eat at Chick-fil-a several times a week, including my dd with a severe pa/ea. However, she does not eat any of the items cooked in the peanut oil (she couldnt anyway because of egg cross contamination). She loves the grilled nuggets, the fries (canola oil-dedicated fryer), and the fruit. Whenever any school or other group gets chick-fil-a nuggets, I always have them order my dd a 12-piece grilled. Now, I realize this may not be in everyone elses comfort zone, but were comfortable with it and never had any problems.

Yeah I would definitely not chance it. My son has a 5/5 for his peanut allergy and learned the hard way about stuff cooked at Chik-fil-A. We avoid that place like the plague now. I am not sure where the doctor got his information but I know my son reacts to the peanut oil there.

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