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Peanut Oil

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My understanding (from my allergist and something I read) is that what a person is allergic to in a peanut is actually the PROTEINS in the peanut....Therefore, peanut oil technically is only the oil from the peanut and NOT proteins. However, one cannot be too sure if the peanut oil is truly ""pure"" that is why they say to stay away from peanut oil too (i think just in case)...I believe that the same reasoning may be the case with peanut flour..but again, why chance it..Do you know someone who did NOT react to peanut oil?

Thanks for your reply, Kathrine. Well, my son ate PB for the first time and got hives scattered basically all over within 15 mins. He had had french fries before in a restaurant and did fine. After the PB incident, we revisited the same restaurant and I asked what they cooked the fries in - they said peanut oil...... Now, I guess that counted as his ""first exposure"" and the PB therefore was his second exposure, hence the reaction..... Sound reasonable?

After a doctor told me it was impossible that I reacted to peanut oil, I started investigating further....because I did in fact react.
I believe this has been brought up on other threads. There are different temperatures that places ""press the oil"" at. At a very hot temperature, it is suppose to kill the actually peanut protein, but thus bring out better flavor. If the temperature does not become hot enough, or if it is cold pressed (which many places prefer), the peanut protein is still very much a part of the oil and thus a reaction can occur.
It is better to be safe than sorry.

LisaG - it is hard to know if it was for sure the peanut oil. My daughters first reaction to PButter she had a rash around her mouth..but I wasnt sure if it was the cracker (that scatched her mouth) or not. The second time she had Pbutter...her eyes swelled, face swelled, etc. Maybe your childs ""second"" reaction (hives) was really his first? Who knows about the Peanut you can tell from the responses..there is a debate if peanut oil really causes an issue..I am safe rather than sorry.

My PA daughter reacted to Peanut Oil, and she hadnt eaten the fries. She only touched the hands of her sister who had and then rubbed her eyes. On the other hand, she ate a Snack Wells cookie that contained Peanut Flour and had no reaction. My allergist told me to not pay attention to the info on Peanut Oil saying it could be O.K. As he says, it is never worth the risk of it being the 2% that may cause a reaction.

I posted this under one of the threads in Living With a Peanut Allergy but I will here again so sorry to anyone who already read it. About a month ago we went to a local Italian restaurant and I felt a little shy (he was just diagnosed and didnt have the guts to speak my mind) about asking if anything contained peanut flour/oil. My son ate one bite of a cheese pizza and had one of his typical mild (yes, he has experienced anaphylactic too) reaction. He continued his coughing and gagging spell for about 20 minutes before we left and decided to come home. It continued for about another hour before it stopped. This past weekend we went again and this time I asked. The waitress said that she had worked there for seven years and had never heard of it but I insisted that she ask the chef. I was a bit surprised to find out they put peanut oil in their sauce. It was a good thing I didnt trust her! Now I will be more aware of peanut oil being in products since I believe that is what he reacted to.

pWe were originally told that peanut oil was fine for our PA son. No one ever mentioned heat pressed vs. cold pressed. He did have it for many years without any problems. After his second reaction ever, I learned so much more and found this site and realized that we had been very lucky that he hadnt had a reaction. Maybe he never would have but I know there are people here on the site who have had reactions to peanut oil. I do not believe that the manufacturers are required to tell you on the label whether the oil is heat pressed or not. Look under the labeling topic for more information about that. It is an individual choice but definitely read up on it more. Good luck./p

pWe avoid all peanut oil cooked food. Our oldest daughter cant even go in a restaurant and breath the air if they are cooking with peanut oil. She has to go outside and use her inhaler./p
pSince most restaurants have a hard enough time even knowing if they use peanut oil, I would be surprised if they knew if it was cold pressed or not./p
pI would tend to follow the advice of an emergency room doctor. I would expect that type of doctor has seen it all. Besides, why take the chance?/p

pI would agree that there is a Federal guideling difference, however, most people do not know this information, and your emergency room doctor was right in saying to avoid all! Better to be safe than sorry. Especially in restaurants.....the workers NEVER know the difference between oils, much less how the oil was cooked, and if they are is better just to avoid. =)br /
Be safe!/p

pDo a search on my name as username and the words peanut oil and you will find a hyperlink to the British Medical Journal article that discusses this topic. I have to go now so cant hunt it up for you. Take care./p

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