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Peanut Oil

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Our daughter CANNOT have the peanut oil. The chance of it having the protein in it is too great. It can be a process issue and a cross-contamination issue. It is not a bad idea to let people know that all peanut oil can cause a reaction. I am not saying it will. I am only saying it can. Our daughters doctor said that she should never have any kind of peanut oil - no matter the processing.

Stay safe,

Sue in Sunny Arizona

I saw the report too. I posted on the main discussion board right before it came on. There is a link there to the feature story about Elizabeth. I also keep my son away from peanut oil. Since they arent required to tell how it is processed, it could be a danger. I was originally told that peanut oil was fine and he did have it for years with no problems, however, after a cross contamination reaction I crossed it off the list. I do not know if it was peanuts or possible peanut oil that caused the reaction.

Peanut oil is also off limits to our son. Our doctor thinks the risk is too great. (And so do we.) Personally, Id rather people think peanut oil was dangerous than to have them look at me the way many already do, and tell me that they heard on tv that peanut oil was safe. (Does anyone else get that cross-eyed look from people that seems to say ""you must be crazy if you think a little ole peanut could do that!"")

Here is the link to a study on peanut oil: [url=""""][/url]

PEANUT OIL is NOT safe for some of us who are PA....and I thank god that the media included that!!! Despite what some doctors have advised....Ive gone to the emergency room after french fries in peanut better to ""over inform"" than to under inform.

pWhich type of peanut oil was it? There are two kinds: cold-pressed and refined. One is supposedly safe and the other is NOT. Do you know which kind it was? If the label doesnt specify, DONT use it!!!/p

pI dont trust ANY peanut ingrediant.... the consequences are just too severe. I wont let my pa son have any kind of peanut oil./p

pI think all of us have heard the pros and cons concerning peanut oil. My family has eaten in restaurants that use peanut oil without a problem. My PA son orders something that is not deep fried (of course). I would never attempt to give him anything fried in peanut oil, though. Also, we all wash our hands when were done eating if peanut oil is used. I was given a list of ingredients and foods to avoid from my allergist when my son was first diagnosed....he included peanut oil. He explained the imported versus domestic controversy and just advised us to totally avoid it. We followed the advice successfully./p

pI dont know which kind it was. We did wash our hands and were careful, etc. She did not eat anything fried from there./p

Hi Mary! Thought you might be interested in this site. They had an article on peanut oil you may have already seen. (Youre very well read.) [url=""""][/url]

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