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Peanut Reactions

Hi Donna,
Raising a child at 66 I am sure has a whole bunch of new challenges including a different world than your kids grew up in.

You did not mention how old your grandchild is but if he/she is really young
K-2 they are not old enough to be ""responsible"" for themselves and are still learning self control. It is up to the teachers and paras at school to protect all the kids at school. Peanut allergies are often life threatening. If a child has a PB & J for lunch, has it on their hands, touches the table, desk, whatever they leave traces of peanut butter on the surface. The allergic child then touches the same spot get it on their hands. They touch their eye, mouth, or eats something with their hands and then it is ingested causing a serious reaction. It just isnt worth the risk. It is just safer to ban it. If the child is older... then they may not be the case

I am a mom of an allergic child and I work in a kindergarten class. I see both sides.

It is however, the parents of the allergic childs responsibility to teach their own child how to be safe. Dont touch your eyes, dont put your fingers in your mouth. Wash your hand before you eat with soap and water... Always check labels... etc. As they get old enough they do have to be responsible for themselves.

That said, here are my suggestions for you: Make a ""Sunbutter"" and jelly sandwich. ( sunflower butter ) it looks and tastes very similar to PB. I bet if you just make it your grand child will not know the difference. If PB is a staple for him for protein, give it too him/her before they go to school for breakfast .... who says you cant have lunch for breakfast? Then have then wash up before school which I am sure they are dong anyway. There are lots of alternatives that are peanut free.

When I was in school we did not have to worry about food allergies. But when my first child was in school I was pretty upset when a letter came home stating she could not bring pb&js anymore! Then my second child was born and was diagnosed with anaphylactic nut allergies that I final understood the severity of it all!

I have educated my 7 year old child on the dangers of her allergy. She knows better than to get near, to eat or to go anywhere close to anybody that has nuts or peanut butter. Parents and guardians should educate their children on the dangers of allergies that other children or adults may have. Just the oil from the nut or the peanut butter on a table that hasnt been properly cleaned can send my child into anaphylactic shock. We need to protect our children and if that means not having nuts in schools or in the class is what needs to be done thats what should be done. Its not about what is convenient for other people its about The safety of other children.

Good luck with trying to find other alternative lunches for you grandchild.

Thank you all for your response to my comment. I am now an educated Granny. Back in the day peanut allergy was not heard of. It does make me wonder why it is so prevalent now. What causes it, why did we not have it back then.
I will try the ""new"" peanut butter. Thanks, Granny D.