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Peanuts @ Allergist - How to Respond?

i would call and speak directly with your doctor. he needs to know what his support staff is doing (putting his patients in harms way). i am so surprised that they allow food in the waiting room in the first place ... both allergists ive been to have a strict NO FOOD policy in the waiting room, and i assume that means at the reception desk as well. just ridiculous, but i remember a post not too long ago where the actual ALLERGIST mentioned eating peanuts!

This happened twice that I saw at doctors offices. My childs old allergist office, the nurse said that she had a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich for lunch and the one allergist said ""oh ---- will be fine as its not contact"", talking about my child and my child is severely contact. Lets just say, we finally found a new allergist after too many situations like that.

Then, I was waiting to get a letter from my childs pediatricians office and saw one of the doctors eat a handful of peanuts and then go in to see a patient, which I believe was a baby. Made a mental note not to take my child to that particular pediatrician. Now I dont know if the pediatrician ended up washing their hands after going in the room, but if it was my child and it was on their breath, might be enough to send my child into a reaction.

It is terrible when the people who should get it, dont.