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Plain M&Ms - Do m&ms have peanuts

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I have found that a lot of popular chocolate candies do not have peanuts as an ingredient, but there is a warning stating that they may contain peanuts. Be very careful when reading labels.

In my head when I read May contain nuts or peanuts I instantly convert that too:

My worst allergic reaction so far was from eating a small Yum Yum. Yum Yums are a puff pastry made here in the UK with a light frosting on them, and they are seriously yummy. No nuts, nothing but pastry and frosting - I barely made it to the hospital that night.

They were baked in the bakery at the grocery store, and had the may contain nuts label. But at the time, I wasnt 100% sure I had a nut allergy. I am now.


Pen thats awful. Ive been there before and its scary. Those moments scared me so straight that I dont take the risk. I avoid bakeries that I dont know unless its one thats approved on the restaurant app that I use. I have bakeries that I know are 100% nut free and no chance of cross-contamination.

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