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Planning trip to California ** Need help - PA and Tree Nut **

I live in California and have vacationed just about everywhere here. I suffer from a severe peanut allergy and have for all my 18 years. I dont know if they have southwest airlines there but they have been wonderful. They will let you and your family board early so you can find a seat with no peanuts around and they will serve other things like pretzels instead of peanuts. I last took a flight about 3 years ago so it would be wise to double check but multiple times southwest has accomodated me very nicely. Also youll find most restruants here are allergy friendly, as alot of people have special requests. Ive lived here all my life and avoided all but 1 incident. Avoid thai restaurants and some asian places use peanut oils. Our local favorite veitnamese restaurant uses a combination oil (including peanut) on everything sadly. Also anything disney is super accomodating. Any of their establishments will cooperate with any allergy related help. Good luck

I found an app that is called allergy eats. You can enter a zip code and it should give you restaurants in the location that are peanut free. My daughter also has soy and not sure how the app works with soy but peanuts - it helps.