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Popeyes Chicken? Does Popeyes Use Peanut Oil in Their Kitchen?

We used to eat at Popeyes every once in a while. They were safe at the time. I did not see any Popeyes nut allergy information. Last time that we were there, they had added shrimp to their menu. My son has a shellfish allergy also and they fry in the same oil. That eliminated the fried chicken. He had the red beans and rice,which he loves, and had no problem.

I called Popeyes Headquarters and asked is Popeyes peanut free and they tried to reassure me that they do not cook seafood and chicken together.. My daughter woke up eyes closed shut .i was up till 3am.. Just did you get ur info because they told me something completely different.. I knew it was a lie.. One of the previous employees told me that they do in fact cook it all in same oil.. Very dangerous.. Someone is going to suffer at there hands of neglence..

I think that if restaurants are having the courtesy of printing menus with calorie numbers they should also be able to tell you if they cook things in the same place or not, or what ingredients go into their batter etc.

I have not been able to find a Popeyes peanut allergy menu online. If you go their website and go to their contact page you will see a FAQ section: If you click on "Our Food" and then click on "Where can I find Allergen Information?" it says that you can look at their Nutrition Guide and which "includes information on the presence of peanuts, tree nuts, egg, milk, wheat, soybean, fish, shellfish and MSG.". Unfortunately when I click on the link it goes to a page not found. I know you are asking does popeyes use peanut oil but I have not been able to find a straight answer on popeyes peanut oil use on their website. I have also looked at other posts online and I see a lot of comments saying that they cook in lard oil. But if some of their items contain peanuts/nuts and they cook in the same oil then it does not matter what oil they use.

Never expect any chain restaurant, especially a cheap chain like Popeyes Chicken, to provide accurate allergen information.