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Question about the Duke study

yes to both- Im not sure what the lower end is. I believe they are now looking for the second phase of the study which may include a placebo arm.

Do they take kids with a history of a life threatening reaction?

What do they, at Duke, consider to be a life threatening reaction?

I thought I read they did not take kids with a history of life threatening reactions???? Or was that just for the egg study at Duke?

Would they consider a child with RAST over 100 and one reaction involving vomiting, lethargy, hives covering the entire torso, runny nose, red eyes, and last but not least, respiratory distress/wheezing leading to a hospital stay?

At one time the RAST had to be over 15 to qualify for the pn study; I think they lowered it to 7 or 8, but Im not certain about that...yes there are children in the study w/ RASTs over 100 at the start...I dont know about the level of reaction that they would include in the study...I dont think a serious reaction would keep them out, but I would be happy to give you the contact names/numbers if you want more info. Theyre busy but pretty good about getting back to you on your questions.


I was wondering how often you have to go?
every two weeks, once a month?
I am on the west coast know, who knows what I could manage if it meant
she was given the oppritunity your son has had.....Also, are there any studies closer to the West....I read about some coming up but it seemed the closest to CA. was Colorado.....I think it was with drops????
Still Colorado is closer than N.C.....Oh I wish we had this chance in Calif....If anyone knows of a study of this type closer to the West...please post...Thank.

MCKMOM - I called Duke last week and was told it was out of the question for us b/c were in MN (she said it was every two weeks for ten months and Im not sure what beyond that). I want so badly to do something like this, too. Can I ask where you read about a drops study in CO? Id love to look into that.


I read about it on this not very good with the linking thing so Ill just tell you where it is....

Main Discussion Board under ""treatment for food allergies pg. 4 3/4 way down.

a poster by the name of Lucs mom posted about hearing about it and also has included a link to Cofar. if you link onto that click on ""about us"" and it tells a little and lists the 5 hospitals...I dont know anything about it, just read it here and I am anxious to learn all I can...
what do you think? I guess ill call tomorrow..who knows might be worth it, although I am terrified of flying with dd.
Oh well a little information cant hurt...
Have a great day!

Hi again, I just re-read it and you (cam) posted right below the info...sorry it is old news to you, maybe refreshing your memory, I hope it helps! My dd is 4 and if i can help her I will get on a plane, yikes. ( fear of flying.)

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I called Jewish National in Denver a few months ago. They said theyre only taking patients 12 and over, but may take younger ones if the study goes well. Also, I dont think theyll take people out of state either. So you would have to move there. Their study will be the same protocol as Dukes.

We see Dr. Burks and were looking at the study. The minumum at that time (Dec 05-ish) was 15 and our scores were too low to get in (mixed blessing, huh?). Very shortley after that they did drop the bar a bit to 7.5, I believe, but with the condition that there must have been an accidental ingestion of peanuts. Hope that helps.