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Reporting users who are creating disturbances on the site

Can you email the administration of the website with this? I have also noticed some posts that were very hurtful and just plain mean. Ive also noticed posts that seemed to be advertising things that have nothing to do with food allergies.

I dont know if the administration actually does anything, but about four or five of us were absolutely sickened by this one user who just kept instigating all of us and provoked me and it takes a lot to provoke me but the individual pushed all my buttons until I exploded in all caps. The person was extremely callous and deserves what God gives them. What else is to be expected from someone who doesnt have peanut allergy, but certainly not the extreme hatred that was expressed in that persons comments. None of us on this site should be subjected to that because this site is supposed to help us, not hurt us, but then the one person who has no allergy comes on here instigating anger and stirring up strife. Its that kind of person that makes me sick to my stomach.

Im not sure why anyone would want to be so mean. Not to mention that a lot of people on this site are parents of children with a peanut allergy and then for someone to say such awful things is an outrage.

I know it! Some people are insensitive and callous. And what kind of person other than some sick, perverted person comes on a website like this that is designed to offer support to those who suffer or have children or family that suffer from peanut allergies - from mild to really severe - only to harass, threaten, intimidate, and express utter hatred for their ""inconvenience."" A parent was asking for the opinion of those on here if a no peanut policy was right because their child does not have allergies. But schools that implement such a policy have strong cases for doing so and those policies should always be respected. We were making our case known for it. We didnt need to be attacked.

Hopefully this issue was already resolved, but there is an About/Contact tab from which you can email an administrator. Users who are commenting negatively about people with peanut allergies should be banned from the site!