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Research Question

There is the LEAP study going on in the UK


And there is this study using Sublingual Immunotherapy for Hazelnut allergy:


Our allergist is Dr Wood out of John Hopkins (he is involved in some research). He has given us the 5 to 10 year time line, but I get the feeling he thinks it is closer to 10. I pray and wish it comes faster for all of us. I think the research is very hopeful, but as far as I know it is all still technically stage one research and I think there are 3 stages (at least) and then FDA approval. Please anyone who knows better correct and educate me.

Thanks for your reply....That seems so far away.

a disclaimer -- these are my hopes and beliefs which may not entirely be based in reality!! 😉

I think the timeline depends on which type of research we are talking about. There are several promising studies going on - but with different approachs-- e.g., there is ""Big Pharmas"" medication approach, the chinese herbal formula being worked on at Mt Sinai (i forget the docs name, but she works with Dr. Sampson) and Dr Burks desentization (sp?) research.

Anything going the FDA route is going to take years-- (and with the added caveat of big money derailing progress-- think TNX 901) but other approaches, like desentization - i believe would not require FDA approval - and so should it continue to hold up in research, i think (hope!) within 5 yrs is possible..

Dr. Burks has been quoted as saying he believes there will be a viable treatment for food allergies in the next 5 years.

I saw Dr. Wood speak this week about food allergy research - he said, in his estimate, there would be a viable cure (not just treatment) for food allergies within 10-20 yrs.

A *cure* ... gives me goosebumps!!

Thanks for sharing the statement that Dr. Woods made.