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Rice Milk

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we use rice dream. acidopholous is a bacteria found in the gut.

Sorry I dont know about rice milk. Does Enjoy Life Foods offer that maybe? You might want to check the local health food store. Whole Foods Market carries allergen-free foods.

Be careful about believing everything you read. While there have been some studies linking soy and breast cancer-I would do research before taking it out of your diet entirely. Too much of anything is not good-but soy can have some benefits depending on your diet.

That being said-I cant give you a name of a rice milk that is ""known"" free of allergens, youll probably want to call to check on manufacturing practices..

Rice Dream makes Almond Dream but I dont know if its a shared facility.

You can also ck out the godairyfree blog

And my site has other sites and blog listings that deal with dairy allergies.

Hope that helps!

Yes, youre right. Im sure in moderation it can be alright.
I appreciate your help and will definitely check out the sites.
Thank you!


In Canada, I use Natur-A rice milk (although havent been using any in the last 6months)... I called them once and they were made in a nut-free faiclity. Rice Dream makes me nervous for some reason, so I dont go near it...

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