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Safe PancakeWaffle Syrups?

We have used honey, cane syrup or pure maple syrup made in the US or Canada. Each of these are single ingredient foods.

If you have concerns call the manufacturer directly to ask about possible cross contamination issues. I know maple sugar candy often has cross-contact with nuts, but that may be from the manufacturer the maple syrup/sugar is sent to for candy making.

Hello there! Im allergic to both peanuts and tree nuts and I use the Aunt Jemima Pancake maple syrup!

So easy!!!

Two cups of sugar
One cup of water

Boil until sugar melts - careful to not let pot boil over - just turn down heat.

Add maple flavoring to taste - start with maybe a teaspoon. You can tell by the color when youve added enough.

So very easy. You never run out. Doesnt have a chemical-like flavor.
If you like a buttery flavored maple syrup - just top hot pancakes with butter before pouring on the hot syrup.

Very cheap too - relatively speaking.

My son is PA and we give him Hungry Jack Pancakes every morning and he has never had a problem with it. Ive never looked into their labeling/manufacturing procedures because hes been fine. We havent been very careful with the syrups we use too. We just buy whatever is cheapest and havent had any problems yet 🙂 Good luck!