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Substituting Sunbutter for Peanut Butter

My mom made sunbutter filled chocolate eggs and they were delicious. If somebody did not tell me I would have thought it was PB. My ds was thrilled and everyone else liked them too. I have also used sunbutter in brownies with great success.

Hi! I just made boiled/no bake cookies this past weekend with crunchy sunbutter and they were awesome!! I went with 3 tubs (to a reunion) of them and came home with only two cookies! Yay for Sunbutter!!!!

Today I made my favorite cookie, the Peanut Butter Blossom (the one with a Hershey kiss in the middle), but I used Sunbutter instead. My neighbor tried one and thought it was the real thing! They are awesome.
BTW, my son has had Hershey kisses with no problems, but you can use the Vermont Nut Free version if you feel better about it. the sunbutter cookies were a big hit. But today, they were BLUE inside! Has that happened to anyone else? The only ingredients besides sunbutter were ""dry"" ingredients and a little milk.

I have never baked with Sunbutter, however, I believe they have a warning on their website that baked goods can turn a shade of green after a day or so. It has something to do with a chemical reaction that occurs. If I remember correctly, they have something on the website about how to adjust the amount of baking soda (I think) so this does not happen.


Green? Ick!

Im going to try the blossom cookies this fall. Those look so good!

Yeah, the color is some sort of chemical reaction with the baking soda. I read that you should add a bit of lemon juice to the recipe to take care of this. It works for me!

Thanks for this recipe, Gabrielle! Im going to make these for my boyfriend who LOVES the taste of peanut butter but is allergic to peanuts. Im sure theyll be great!

I made the Sunbutter Oatmeal cookies that were posted that other day and they did indeed turn green. Freaked me (and the co-worker who bit into one) out so I threw them away. Wish I had know about the lemon juice thing before I tossed them. 🙂 Good to know it is a normal reaction though