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Talk to me about allergists - why should we see one?


So the rast #s as you listed them dont make sense to me either. there is a chart and the 300 number doesnt fit with what I have seen. I dont have it in front of me but 100 after 100 they dont typically give you a number. The testing cant tell you how severe your kids reactions will be. Rast scores when tracked over time can give you an idea if your kid might be outgrowing an allergy. Allergists also use SPT testing. Some allergists prefer one over the other. I like to watch the Rast #s over time although for us and PA it is doubtful my son will ever outgrow.

I did want to say that the reaction you described sounds very very scary.

When diagnosing food allergies they say reaction history trumps testing.

Hope that helps,

The pediatrician always writes ""RAST 4/4"" on my daughters preschool paperwork -- and also notes Highly Allergic. She had the test a couple of years ago, so maybe some of the classifications have changed? I dont know...

I can only speak from my experience. My daughter has peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, rice and keflex allergies. My pediatrician was pretty knowledgeable about food allergies. Having said that what he says and what my allergist says are not exactly the same.
My pediatrician says my daughter will never outgrow any of her allergies. My allergist says she has a chance of outgrowing some of them.
My allergist knew that kids with peanut allergies have a 50% chance of being allergic to tree nuts and to test for those.
My allergist knew that many kids who have food allergies also have asthma and told me what to look for. (Thank God that is one thing she doesnt have.)
My allergist is involved in some of the immunology studies going on with milk, eggs and peanuts now. He says my daughter is to young for those. That studies should be done with adults and young adults and worked out with them before being given to toddlers and babies. (My pediatrician would say to push by daughter into any study to advance the science.)
My pediatrician got my daughter into a great allergist, but also warned us that there are a great variety of allergist out there. Some are great. Some are just beyond witch doctor according to him.
My allergist knows the most accurate blood test to do for allergen levels. Apparently my pediatrician doesnt. My allergist also knows to retest her yearly.
I also think having an allergist gives my pediatrician another resource to turn to if my doctor had a question.
Oh one thing that was very comforting to me. My allergist has peanut allergies. So I got to met someone who had lived a normal life with food allergies.
Plus at school age your allergist can be another resource for a 504, but I guess you doctor could too.

So I am sitting here looking at this old results report for my daughter. This is what it says...

CLA-1 Test results (Maybe this isnt the RAST test?)
Food IgE Panel

Lists A LOT of different foods and the legend says:


My daughter had some numbers in the teens for a few things, but her peanut result just said >300 Class 4. Anybody familiar with this test? It was administered 2 years ago.

There has been an allergist on this board maybe you can try to contact him for help understanding the results. I think his logon is CMayer.