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Teen with Peanut Allergies Traveling to Hungary & Austria-

I found this blog while looking for ""Going to Camp"" Information. This teen travelled with his school group to Spain, and was able to order cards that described his allergy in Spanish.

His Story:

It looks like the SelectWisely Cards mentioned also come in both German & Hungarian., and run about $15.

I will go back to gathering resources for camp. Some of the same ""less perishables"" he packed for his travel (safe granola bars, jerky & wipes) are our staples as well for meets, tournaments and camp.

This is a REALLY good idea. I Euro-railed for a month through several countries (20+ years ago) before living in Poland for a few months. I prepared home-made index cards in French, German, Spanish and Polish - they came in quite handy. But I would better trust professionally done cards than relying on friends who speak ____ as a 2nd language.

If the trip will be more than a couple weeks - laminate your card(s).