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travelling to the usa

Im a US native and Ive lived with a peanut/nut allergy my entire life, Im 21 now. My advice for traveling, when it comes to flying. Make sure your flight is a peanut/nut free. Anytime that I have flown I have called and talked to someone there at the airline. Some flights will make it so that no peanuts will be serviced on your flight, they often serve pretzels instead. They also usually let you board first with the handicapped, I always take disposable gloves, a small disposable bag and baby wipes. I put the gloves on and wipe down anything and everything I would come in contact with throw them in the bag and then peel the gloves off and throw it all way.
When it comes to food, always ask for a manager when eating at a restaurant. Ask what oil they fry in, make sure it isnt peanut oil. Also ask if there are any nuts that get served on the deserts and salads. If so, will there be any cross contamination with the food that gets made and what you will be coming in contact with.

Good luck