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Unusual or Unexpected Sources of Peanut

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Bean Bag Chairs (sometimes stuffed with crushed peanut shells)

Some organic lawn fertilizer

Great thread idea! [img][/img]

I read about the bean bag chairs somewhere else, however, they werent the food peanut shells they were stuffed with they were the ""packaging"" peanut shells they were packed with. I believe they are styrofoam.

Someone told me they had potting soil with ground peanut shells in it. Also,I have on occasion found whole peanuts and empty shells in my garden due to my neighbor feeding the squirrels.

I have a link to an article which mentions the Bean Bag Chairs, stuffed with crushed peanut shells, not peanut-shaped styrofoam: [url=""""][/url]

This article is written for teachers, to help them understand how severe PA can be, and includes hidden sources, such as the bean bag chairs.

probably already well known but nut cereal packets used for model making in childrens school projects eg. honey nut cornflakes or muesili etc.

Great thread idea!

In addition to the others already listed. . .candy corn surprised me the most. Also, some cosmetics, lotions, and shampoos might contain peanuts/peanut oil. It might be listed as arachis oil.


FAN has alot of info about peanut/nut shells being used in bean bags and hacky sacks in one of their flashbacks.

I read that peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite. Hopefully my son wont ever be near it but you never know!!! [img][/img]

This is a wonderful thread!

Although I didnt think it was unexpected to find bird seed as one of the places you may find peanuts or peanut products, I do make sure that I purchase sunflower seeds only and then with caution.

However, one thing that we are absolutely unable to purchase (although Im sure I could find a recipe to make some) in the bird seed/feed line is SUET for woodpeckers, etc.
This is the clump of stuff (sorry, Im at a loss for words), usually in netting, that doesnt require a bird feeder. It almost always has peanut butter in there and/or peanut seeds. Im also fairly clear that I have seen a recipe for it in one of my bird feeder books and could re-do it without the peanut butter, hopefully. Best wishes! [img][/img]



I may be the only one, but I was shocked to find out that our local pizza joint uses peanut oil, not vegetable or olive oil. We were lucky that my son never reacted, but a family friend tipped us off, since her son always got a rash when he ate there. I never thought to ask, since we had gone there for years before my sons allergy.



I usually make my own suet for the woodpeckers. I used to put peanut butter in it. But you dont have to use PB at all. You can do plain suet (just melt the suet, strain it, and put it in molds and refrigerate.). But I also sometimes add cornmeal, ground oatmeal, millet. Suet, by the way, can be purchased from your local butcher or meat market. Cut it up or have it ground up so that it melts faster. Then strain out the cracklings and mix in the cornmeal or oatmeal, or whatever.

Hope this helps!


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