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Unusual or Unexpected Sources of Peanut

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Triciasmom, thank-you, that is an excellent recipe! Ive always felt badly that we havent been able to do the suet thing to-date. We have four birdfeeders out front.
The suet would be a great addition as we do have two different kinds of woodpeckers that weve spotted so far!

Also, nutfreemom, I had been warned by a nurse at Jesses doctors when he had his first anaphylactic reaction about some pizza places using peanut olive (and this is in Canada!). I was quite surprised because I thought if theyre trying to be truly Italian theyd be using olive oil and then, if not, vegetable oil. I live in a very small town and have checked with both pizza places and neither one uses peanut oil. It is surprising where you find it, and it seems even worse in America, where again, its a cash crop and very out there! Best wishes! [img][/img]


-Gilette Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin
-Gilette for Women Moisturizing Mousse with Aloe Vera
-lOreal Revitalift
-Blackmores Antioxidant Skin Care
-lipsticks with loramine wax

Beware of bluejays who hide peanuts in the grass!

Some pre natal vitamins contain peanut oil.

Arachide, is it peanut oil in those cosmetics? Holy jeez if it is yes! Best wishes! [img][/img]


I received an email last week from someone in the US who said her son reacted to peanut oil or peanut flour in infant formula. It may be an undeclared ingredient, so call the maunfacturer to be sure. She wasnt sure if the brand was Similac or Enfamil.

I noticed an ingredient called ""Arachidyl Propionate"" in some hand lotion I have. I thought it might be related to Arachis Oil, so I did a search, and apparently its possibly from an animal fat source, otherwise its an extract of coal or limestone - no peanut mentioned.

Also, I have a link to an article with a list of peanut/peanut products in unusual things: [url=""""][/url]

Scroll to near the bottom of the article for the listings.

Would you believe cat food and treats?!

What?! Do you know what brands?

Goodness, we should have started this thread a long time ago!

Cindy - the products I listed were obtained from an Australian food allergy website, which I didnt bookmark and can no longer find. They simply stated that ""peanut- derived"" ingredients were present in these products and that people had reported reactions from them (I only noted the ones I used/was familiar with). Desole.

Geez, you guys are great! [OK -- ""Yall"" for those who see that we live in North Carolina]. Please keep adding to the list! This is exactly what we all need to get information readily available.


*= 2 -- our son adds his thanks too.

After reading this thread, I immediately went to the kitchen to check our dogs treats and food. THIRD INGREDIENT of the dog treats: PEANUT MEAL!!

The name of the dog treats is Milk-Bone Super Premium Dog Biscuits(mine says chicken and rice flavor). Im really grateful to find this out, because I was casually storing the box in my pantry, and could easily have seen my son pick up a biscuit the dog dropped, or pieces on the ground/residue on the dogs tongue affecting him (they pal around the yard together every day and the dog licks him affectionately). THANK YOU!!
(The dog food, Purina Puppy Chow, did not list peanut product).

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