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Unusual or Unexpected Sources of Peanut

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Arachide, thank-you! I know to be very wary of cosmetic items, but usually due to other nut oils in them, not peanut. Ive come across macadamia, almond, and walnut I think so far. These are from samples I would receive from Yves Rocher. But once I saw those, then I knew to check the labels on my shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste - the whole repertoire of my beauty regime! Oh, and soap and deodorant! [img][/img] Now, I did finally give in and admit my age and admit that my skin needed some moisturizer so I did purchase some from Yves Rocher but only after making sure that no nut oils were in there at all.
Again, thanks for the information. Shaving cream - where next? Best wishes! [img][/img]


Amy Frankel--could you list what brand of cat food? My son ""feeds"" our cats all the time and it doesnt affect him whatsoever.

Also, to add to the list. I have listed this on another post but most of the items at The Body Shop and Body and Bath Works contain nut products/oil in them.

Cindy--I dont believe you admitted your age just because you use moisturizer. Ive been using a moisturizer since I was about 11 or 12. My mom always said the earlier you start using moisturizer the better and I believe she was right because 3 years ago I got carded (of all places) at the movie theater for seeing an R-rated movie. I never laughed so hard!!

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Arachide, this is in direct response to your post with the Gillette womans products on it. Well, tonight, I looked at my husbands Gillette line of skin care and on NONE of the bottles is there a list of ingredients. I was not too pleased.
E-mom, no, I recognize now I didnt admit my age. My skin has been admitting my age by me not using moisturizer, which I realize I should have been for some time now. I have frown lines embedded! Im 41!
I also know that I have a list somewhere in this huge pile of paper that includes other mysterious places that we may find peanut products. I will try to find that and contribute something useful! Best wishes! [img][/img]


Thanks for looking for the list, Cindy. Id love to print it out and Im sure it would be useful for all of us. This is a very useful and important thread...thanks again!

Cindy and other Canadians - To answer your question re: ingredients on cosmetics:

I just visited the AAIA website and 2 of the things they are working on right now with the Federal Government is:

1. Labelling of non-medicinal ingredients in all medications

2. A complete ingredients listing on cosmetics

So, its in the works, thanks to the AAIA (Allergy and Asthma Awareness Assoc.). Here is the website, in case you want to read some of their previous accomplishments on behalf of food allergic individuals: [url=""""][/url]

This is not an unusual place.. Its the shopping mall. At a nearby mall they have opened a roasting nut hut in the center of the mall. It is an open booth that sells freshly roasting nuts. The aroma is wafting throughout the mall. The first time I came in contact with this booth I smelled it 5 stores away, at least! My son was not with me at the time, but I am sure it would have made him uncomfortable.

As for the replies above, I have found a few pizzerias that use peanut oil also. The other place I was surprised to sea peanut flour was jelly beans and powdered gravy mix. I dont remember the brand of gravy mix. I think it may have been Knorrs. I noticed it a long time after my son was diagnosed, but it had been in my house since before the diagnosis. As said a thousand times before read every label. Stay well.

This was my sons second exposure. He was only 2 when he gave the Vitabone dog biskit to our buddy. He got horrible hives all over from him touching it with his hands then touching his face, etc. We didnt know what it was from untill I finally thought of the dog biskits. He is 8 now. 1st exposure was peanut butter at 10 months old. 2nd exposure was Vitabone dog biskit and 3rd exposre at 6 yrs was Almond flavoring from coconut macroon cookies

Heres more:


I saw peanut butter flavored lip gloss, Almond in shampoo, Jelly beans. I know the jelly beans is well known,but though I should add it just in case it is new to someone. Claire

Austins Mom, Thank you for the information. Im sorry about your sons reactions. I was beginning to feel like I was over-reacting to Milk Bone issue...most people wouldnt think that dog food would pose any kind of risk, if they didnt understand smell/touch sensitivity. Plus, if babies will eat aspirin, they certainly would eat a dog biscuit. Im so thankful to find this out, and get them out of my house. Take care, everyone!

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