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VOTE! Martha Stewart is considering Food Allergy Magazine!

Get out there and vote, people: Were currently losing to the pet lovers!!! (as if we really need another magazine for pampered pooches and coddled cats!) Heres the direct link: [url=""""][/url]

I have just passed this info onto a local allergy support group in the Madison, WI area. I think there may be a support group in the metro Milwaukee area. I will also send it to them. If anyone else belongs to or knows of a support group in their area maybe they could pass the message along. Just think of the impact this will have. It will bring awareness to the general public and may influence government and food companies/restaurants in our favor.


Do you think it would be helpul to add your posting to the TAKE ACTION and/or Support Group section??? I am pretty new to this, but the more people we can get to see this information the better

Does anyone know of any other online allergy groups they could send this information to?

Does Chris ever send out mass emails to everyone that post here?

WOOHOO! Its working! As of this post, we have twice the percentage that the pet lovers do: Allergy Publication=58%, Pet Lovers=25%

Keep those votes flowing!

Re: Q) Does Chris ever send out mass emails to everyone that post here?

A) Yes we sometimes do that. Not sure how this new software is different since the upgrade but will look into it.

Stay Safe,


Is there a deadline? Do we want to wait to see how we are doing on the vote before seeing how much work needs to be done, such as emailing our members?

You can vote as many times as youd like (once per day). The poll will close Thursday, February 7.

Chris, I, personally think it would be [b]great [/b] if you could do an e-mail to your membership. A lot of us are able to network, to some extent, on our own (family, friends, through other allergy websites), but if you helped to get the word out as well, I do think it would be quite beneficial.

Please remember everyone, you can vote once daily.


Yes, we won!