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What do you do when ordering coffee?

I am so careful when ordering lattes. I do a lot of research about the syrups because some of them contain nuts. I read a good article on Allergy Living which gave me insight to Starbucks syrups:

I stick to straight shots of espresso. Maybe thats the Italian in me but I mainly do it to avoid any issues when out ordering coffee whether Im at a cafe or restaurant. I keep it basic and thats worked for me.

Like Italia, I stay pretty basic with shots of straight espresso and Ill ask for milk from the carton. Thats not to say that you can get more creative but do so with caution. Always talk to the barista or manager about the ingredients and if theyre safe. You can also ask to look at the syrup container directly and explain your allergy to them. Ive done that in the past and people are very receptive and accommodating.