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wheat allergy

Good luck! My 3 y.o. WAS wheat/milk/egg allergic when she was about six months to two years old. Thank goodness she outgrew those! Wheat was really difficult to avoid. She ate a LOT of plain Cheerios. 🙂 And your is allergic to oats, too! Make sure you find out the other names for all of those in ingredient lists.

Now she is allergic to PA, TNA, Shellfish, cats and dogs. She also had this mild rash almost CONSTANTLY. We had her skin-prick tested and found out dust mites, cottonseed oil, and sunflower oil, too. We have worked SO HARD for the last two weeks eliminating those and she is SO MUCH BETTER. She also started hydroxozine(?), but just at night. So, even though these little naggy allergies are the most annoying, they do make a big difference. I know she was crankier because of her itchiness. 🙁 Poor baby! But Ive put all my energy into keeping her safe from peanuts, that the mild hives were less of a concern, I guess. Good luck!

Hi, I just learned today that I have a mild wheat allergy.

Recently my lip has been swelling up after eating certain foods, for example sprouted wheat bread.

I also have a mild peanut allergy.

I posted a thread here with the full story if you are interested.

I am planning on speaking to my doctor for advice next week, but as far as I know my condition is not life threatening, I would just like to learn what to do to avoid it getting worse.