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White flour


I agree-it can sometimes be easier to make cookies from scratch when dealing with food allergies. Regarding what ingredients you use-thats an individual decision.

Ive been making home made cookies for years, use King Arthur Flour, and have not had an incident. My sons peanut allergy is severe. Ive not called King Arthur to see if any peanut flour is bagged in their facility. That is something you could do-call the flour company you think you will use.

Alternatively-there are sites that sell safe dry ingredients as well. These are usually sites that are making their own allergen free product. Following are a couple:

Again-its completely an individual thing based on your own comfort level.

Hope that helps!

I called on the flour I use regularly once upon a time... I dont use Pillsbury flour, because they make so many products that I dont feel comfortable...
But I have used King Arthur Flour, store brand flour, etc etc... I live in Canada though, and use Five Roses regularly-- they just make flour. Thats it. 🙂

I dont check on things like baking soda and baking powder or cream of tartar or butter because I feel like I would just drown in it all...

We have always used Gold Medal flour without any problems. Ive never called the company though, to see what else they may make or package there.