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Why can I eat Marzipan but not any other nuts?

I am not sure how to ask this question without sounding odd,but I shall anyway. Are you sure your allergic to Almond? Just a thought. I have heard of people that can not eat marzipan,nor would I even think to give Chris any. Good luck claire

My son is allergic to peanuts and most tree nuts (we avoid them all, however), except for almonds. He is technically not allergic to almonds - according to his skin prick tests, but, again we avoid all nuts and peanuts.

Im not sure I follow your comment ""I have an allergy to all nuts, excluding peanuts..."" It sounds to me as if there is SOME kind of allergic reaction happening when you eat peanuts. Have you been tested? Has your reaction to peanuts changed over time? Peanut allergies are very unpredictable. Id try to find out exactly whats going on there.

Oh, and by the way, peanuts are not nuts, theyre legumes - same family as beans, peas.

Take care.

Marzipan is make of almonds (almond paste). While almonds are a tree nut it is not uncommon for people to react differently to them.

My PA/TA daughter is (according to 2 RAST tests) actually not allergic to almonds but we avoid them anyway becuse of the cross contimation issues, bakeries mixing peanuts in with almonds to save $, and just to make it easier for her and her caregivers to get it (I feel that starting to exclude certain nuts would just muddy the issue - easier to just say ALL).

Although almonds are a nut, they are in the same family as pit fruits (peaches, cherries, etc.) so many tree nut allergic people can tolerate almonds.


Thanks for the replies. I wanted to say that I am allergic to tree nuts including almonds. I know peanuts are not really nuts but legumes. I have never had a problem with peanuts, I have been eating them my whole life in large doses. All TN give me an itchy mouth and a very bad stomach ache including almonds. Filberts are the worst for a stomach ache and all others effect me badly, except I can eat marzipan which is almond paste. So, thats the whole story. I have always been able to eat marzipan so I never questioned it. Do you think it has anything to do with the skin of the nuts and the different proteins that are in that?

Yes, youre absolutely right about the proteins. My cousin and I are both allergic to peanuts but we are allergic to different proteins in the peanuts, and in the process of turning peanuts into peanut butter, the removing of the shell, blanching it, exposing it to heat, etc., the protein Im allergic to keeps its shape and the protein hes allergic to doesnt. So as a result, hes allergic to peanuts but not peanut butter, and Im still allergic to both. Also, Im allergic to many fruits and vegetables raw. I must have them cooked, which sadly lowers the nutritional value, but the nutrients that are so good for everyone, they make me sick sadly, so I must denature the proteins with high heat exposure in order to still eat them. I actually found your question because I wanted to try marzipan but Im allergic to almonds and was wondering if it was possible for me to not be allergic to marzipan. Im glad there is still hope for me yet. Lol! But, yeah... hope that explains it for you, why youre allergic to almonds but not marzipan. Lucky you! 🙂