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Why can people not smoke (except in designated areas) at

I would like to share some comments from people. There was a girl who died from biting a snack with peanuts and a request was made for others to be more considerate and here is what people commented when asked to give up peanuts, reading these anger me so much, I just want to... I better not say...

Do you not realize how selfish you are? Do you know how many people are NOT allergic to peanuts?
It’s a shame to deal with…but deal with it you must. It’s your responsibility.
I think it’s a travesty that a whole school of children cannot enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch because of one child.
And the ONLY reason this policy is accepted is the threat of lawsuits….that’s it.
I’m sorry for your affliction…but deal with it. Stop forcing the rest of the world to deal with it as well.
It is the utmost of selfishness and greed to expect everyone to give up something just for one person.
It’s akin to not having a football team or any sports to appease the kid in the wheelchair.
The individual does not have more rights than the group.
Since when did it become acceptable to hold society hostage because your kid has an allergy?
“Nature’s way, survival of the fittest….This is all due to defective genes.”
“….other people should not have to do without because 1 in 1000 happens to have some wierd (sic) genetic flaw…”
“Bad genes, overpopulation, this is one of nature’s population controls. People who should have died in utero or childhood from some genetic caused malady or defect are being heroically saved and go on to reproduce and pass the defects along.”
And several other posts in this same vein.
The fact is that a LOT of parents I have seen fake food allergies. They have a moral objection to peanuts, or jam, or whatever it is then they convince themselves that their kid is allergic to chocolate or whatever and then ***** at the school to change the school lunch, and ***** to all other mothers to stop using ingredient X. These parents are convinced their kid has an allergy and refuse to get it confirmed or carry treatment pens or whatever, when the real basis is they just object to the food item.
I even had one mother tell me once that her kid was allergic to “normal” peanut butter but NOT allergic to the expensive “organic” peanut butter.
It is at the point that a lot of manufactures say “this whatever made in a factory that processes peanuts” just because they don’t want to deal with the hassle.

Me again, I dont even want to debate or respond to these people, I just want to beat then to a pulp. My daughter has had anaphylactic shock 3 different times in her life from peanuts. The 3rd time was just from people touching her after touching peanuts and it was a close call because it was a long ride to the hospital on snowy roads.

I, like you, am so saddened, frustrated and angered by the response and attitude of those who simply do not understand what peanut (or other life-threatening allergies) are about and how we have only half-an-hour in most cases, to save our childrens lives (in my case, a grandchild), if they ingest even the tiniest particle of peanut protein. I gave my grandson his first Epipen on his 3rd birthday, then the 911 operator said ""Sorry, we cannot send an ambulance--we have none right now due to other calls). So, I, age 76, with a 5-artery heart bypass, had to give him the Epi-pen and then literally had to walk/run with this little toddler to the nearest ER, which, thank goodness, was only 4 blocks away. Do people think we would FAKE this? This baby was throwing up, grasping his throat which was closing, looking desperately frightened--the usual symptoms of anaphylactic shock. If these same folks, who make light of those of us who are caring for the lives of children with PA, had such a child themselves, one wonders what their attitude might be then? And to remark, disdainfully, that we expect them to ""give up peanuts JUST FOR ONE CHILDS LIFE?"" - It really boggles the mind, doesnt it? And it begs the question, What IS this obsession of HAVING TO eat peanuts about? I have enjoyed peanuts all my long life, but I have to say, I CAN AND DO live without them quite easily--and have to wonder why others feel they or their non-allergic children absolutely MUST eat peanuts at a given time of day (e.g., school lunch period). Do you suppose some people are actually ""addicted"" to peanuts, and would not think twice about a child dying, just as long as they can have their peanuts? It would be amusing if not so serious an issue. I have read of many people on airplane flights who were extremely incensed because they were not allowed their peanuts for the few-hour flight. Do these folks really REQUIRE peanuts at a specific time on days other than the day of their flight? It is so sad to know we live amongst people who simply do not or will not educate themselves to the fact that peanut exposure kills many, MANY people--usually children--every year. We who care for these children are doing our best and we live in fear every hour of the day. We are simply trying to prevent almost instantaneous death in these little children--our children and our grandchildren, who are as precious to us as the non-peanut allergic children are to their own parents/grandparents. And for me, your child is as precious as mine, and I would not think twice before eliminating peanuts when in your childs presence, if he/she were allergic to them. God forbid that those who make fun of us, or who take peanut allergy lightly, should themselves, ever have a child who could literally die in their arms from taking one bite of a food containing peanuts. I challenge these folks, if they have the courage, to look up the name Natalie Giorgio, age 13, who lived outside Sacramento and who died in her (physician) fathers arms while at a family summer camp in California last year. Even three Epi-pens and the immediate care of her physician father could not save her. She did not even eat the rice-crispy treat, but spit it out as soon as she realized it tasted like peanut butter was in it - and it was (although peanut butter had not been in the batches before when she had eaten the treats). So, she only had a very slight amount of peanut butter residue in her mouth, yet she died within the hour - with paramedics, her parents and her twin sister beside her. Look at her photo - look at the face of a little girl who bravely out-ran her peanut allergy for 13 years, and then it surprised and killed her from simply biting into a previously-safe treat. There are so many, many other instances of children dying from ingesting even one peanut butter M&M, a half-a-cookie with peanut residue in it, and in one incident, a teenage boy had chocolate mousse for dessert at a restaurant where he and his family were celebrating his 18th birthday. His throat started closing within minutes and he died in the lobby of their hotel while rushing back to their room with his parents. The mousse had contained ""safe"" peanut oil. There are so many like-stories of sadness that happen every year due to peanut allergy. So, how can those who ridicule, tease, and downright claim it their privilege to expose these children to peanuts, be so selfish and even live with themselves? Are they really so ignorant as to think that we who care for these children are faking this allergy and that we actually ENJOY this kind of life? A life of constant (valid) fear? We live life daily as one would if he/she sent a child out to play in a two-acre field which WE KNEW had at least one loaded gun (with safety off), or one live land-mine in it. We do not know exactly WHERE these items are (compare to peanuts), but we KNOW THEY ARE OUT THERE (lunch rooms, summer camps, sleep-overs, anywhere). Once, I was standing on the sidewalk outside an allergy clinic with my toddler grandson, waiting for a taxi. I looked down and he WAS STANDING IN A CRUSHED GRANOLA BAR WITH PEANUTS STREWN ABOUT under his feet. Peanuts are everywhere. And forget about taking him to a sports facility. Yet, we must send our kids out to the ""land-mine, loaded-gun"" areas to play, go to school, whatever, day-after-day, for their entire lives. These children are, except for the allergy, just like YOUR CHILDREN. Little people who want to learn, play, grow up. They did not ask for the condition they were given. Would you doubters and critics really want your children to trade places with ours? And would you want the rest of us to go on and have our peanuts anywhere and everywhere, if it were YOUR child instead of ours, whose life was at risk every time he/she is sent out to ""play in a mine-field?"" I know this sounds dramatic. And, unfortunately, it is. Anaphylactic shock is extremely dramatic - and almost instantly deadly if not treated immediately, and for many hours after the initial shock. A second shock often follows the first--and the second one is usually much worse, so the child must be observed for many hours by the E.R. personnel before being sent home after an event. Try giving a gasping, dying child an injection of epinephrine (Epi-pen) and see, then, if you find it all so amusing and just a lot of unnecessary precaution. It is not a life we would wish on anyone--not even those who ridicule us and who must have their peanuts daily and who cannot let their children wait and have their peanut butter sandwiches as an AFTER-school snack--or, if on an airline trip, wait and have your little packet of peanuts AFTER you disembark, instead of while sitting next to a little child who did not ask for this life of peanut allergy, and who wants to be a safe kid, just like your child does. Is that really too much to ask?

Those comments I posted are from the article about Natalie Giorgio, age 13. That is what they said after reading about her dying, no care, so shes dead, so what, survival of the fittest. Those people are the ones that dont deserve to live.

Bryan, just hang in there for your own child and be her advocate until she can take care of herself. Do everything you can to prevent a reaction and teach her slowly but surely how to handle her allergy. As for the people who post those cruel, heartless comments, as they did about the death of Natalie Giorgi and others who died of anaphylaxis, just ""consider the source"" and shake it off. These folks are not worthy of your, my and so many others sadness at the comments you read. The words ""ignorant,"" ""self-centered,"" ""stupid"" and...""disgusting"" quickly come to mind when this type of cruel comment appears. These people will have their day, and I hope (as I am sure you do) that they will finally get the fact that there are some very difficult issues to be faced in life (anaphylaxis threat to ones child, 24/7 being only one), over which we have no control. And I sincerely hope their future lesson in this will not be at the expense of their own little children having to be the ones to suffer something as difficult to deal with and as immediately life-threatening as peanut allergy, in order for them to finally ""get it."" But Fate has other ways of dealing with this type, and it is not for us to worry about. Their attitudes and reputations are preceding them, and I am sure that others find them as reprehensible as we do. But ""what goes around comes around"" and Life has a way of paying back for cruelty, and this is what those individuals are displaying - attempted mental abuse to others who are only trying to save the lives of their own allergic children. We, if these skeptics and ignoramuses themselves had an allergic child, would cooperate in any way possible to help them protect the life of their child. They dont care, however, as obviously they think they are immune to such a condition of concern. It does boggle the mind though, doesnt it, to know there are such cruel, insensitive, self-centered people out there?