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Young and Restless

Please let me know how it goes. Ive been personally tracking food allergies in the media and what network etc. So far Ive noticed that ABC seems to stink regarding handling food allergies and NBC seems to handle it pretty well.

A few weeks ago NBC opened with food allergies on their new show The Listener and handled it VERY well.

I missed Fridays episode - I am not a faithful watcher, but the part I have seen now has shown the gravity of a reaction (a young girl in a coma from a reaction), a mother questioning what she could have done more to prevent a reaction, and possible another adult who might have caused the reaction for her own evil purposed and now seems to be implicating the mother. Whether it is satisfying in the end may lie in someone getting their comeuppance. Someone who is a more faithful watch might be better at saying how responsible they are being.

Okay thanks! I hate it thought when television uses food allergy reactions by way of revenge. 🙁