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Your snowflake has ruined it for everyone. The teachers

This forum is open to many opinions on allergy issues. You certainly have expressed yours.

Im new to this whole peanut allergy thing, so please excuse my ignorance. I dont really understand what you are saying about making the choice not to give peanut butter at a young age? My daughter had peanut butter at about the age of 2 (which was the recommendation of the time) and she was breastfed from birth to about 2.5 years and I ate peanuts/peanut butter and other nuts the whole time. I never restricted my diet as far as possible allergens go. She has eaten peanuts/peanut butter up until about a month ago when she started saying her throat was itchy afterwards. We already had an appointment for the allergist due to some facial swelling she had several months before, so we had them add peanuts to her panel and sure enough she is allergic, at 14 years old! And now we are told that even though her symptoms have been relatively minor, the next exposure could cause anaphylaxis which could kill her! Be aware, allergies can develop over time and even though you child may not suffer right now from a food allergy, they can develop over time just like my daughter.

Dear Hummus Lover,

All opinions are welcome here. However, trolling is not.

If you would like to engage in an actual discussion, great. If you are just going harass people, please find something else to do with your time.

PeanutAllergy Site Mangement

Dear HummusLover,

Yes, while you are entitled to your opinion, and opinions are good for discussion, it would be good if you actually backed up your assumptions with some facts. Like the other poster, I too introduced nuts to my child at an early age (6 months in fact) and I ate peanut butter daily throughout my entire pregnancy. My now 18 year old snowflake (as you rudely call kids with life threatening allergies) is fatally anaphylactic to nuts, despite being exposed to them at an early age. We diagnosed his allergy at the age of 8 months when he nearly died. Its not something we bargained for in having a kid.

Please read some scientific information on the allergy itself before accusing us of messing up your life.

By the way, through education and mindfulness, my son has lived abroad in five different countries his entire life. We fly on airlines that are cognizant of the issues of flying with anaphylaxis, eat in restaurants that willfully help allergy sufferers and attend international schools in countries where nuts are prevalent in the local cuisine. It just simply takes some education to work around the life-threatening part. Some people are very helpful and we are thankful to those who take this allergy seriously, as well as my sons right to live. My now adult snowflake son is ready for university in the US (though were not American) and will be able to look after himself from a proactive stance. He will continue to educate others around him about the truths and myths of this allergy.

Dear Ignorant Human being,
Many of us ""helicopter parents"" fed our children nuts at an early age. My peanut/tree nut allergy daughter ate nuts and peanut butter her whole life until she had her first severe reaction at the age of 11 years old. She had eaten Reeses pieces 4 days before her first reaction. All of us parents are not sorry that our childs potentially life threatening allergy bothers you. Have some compassion for our position in life. Do you walk around every day with the very real possibility that something your loved one could even be near could kill them? Until you have walked a day in our shoes you will never know how it feels to constantly worry that something as innocent as food could kill your child.


Who on earth would get het up over their rights to bring in peanut bars into schools??!!! There is a billion other snacks you can give your kids. I have been a teacher for over 10 years and I bring in treats for my classes at the end of term - I have never found it a problem to find peanut free ones.

Accusing parents of helicopter parenting is ridiculous. If parents havent given peanuts by 3, its due to advice given by health visitor and guidelines laid down by health professionals. Parents are only doing the best they can with the current info they have. Its more about the family background anyway (I.e. history of asthma, hay fever ...).

Peanut allergies can be dangerous, even life threatening. My mum and dad had a God-daughter who died at aged 22 from an anaphylactic shock brought on by eating a sandwich from a street vendor.

You think your use of the term ""snowflake"" to describe our children is funny. Well, let me tell you - my daughter IS a snowflake. She is beautiful, amazing, and wholly unique. Her peanut allergy has shaped who she is, and has taught her about compassion that you so obviously lack. We have NEVER asked for special accommodations for her at school. We have taught her to advocate for herself, and by the grace of God, she has been surrounded by teachers and friends who have a desire to protect her and who would be devastated if anything bad happened to her. She would give anything to not have a peanut allergy, but she knows she will have to live with this until they find a cure. I hope she never crosses paths with anyone like you. On the other hand, if anything bad ever happens to you, I hope you are surrounded with understanding people who will take care of you. If you ever become an inconvenience to anyone, I hope they never voice that to you. We will ALL, including you, face hardships at some point in our lives. Remember that next time you cant send a granola bar to school.

Before making a comment like this, hummus lover why not educate yourself a little but on what a food allergy is, how a child or anyone develops an allergy (FYI its not because of any helicopter mom) and maybe look at what actually happens during an allergic reaction then imagine if that were your child?? Do you think that any mother on earth would want to cause that for their child? I will never get over the insensitivity and pure ignorance of other parents when I am trying to just protect my son. No I dont want to ruin your life hummus lover nor do I want to take away your childs right to eat pb&j but when it comes to classroom activities I ask that we think of the classroom as a whole it is not difficult. Hey your on a great site for some educational resources, maybe use one or two!!!