September 22, 2023

Research Says Sun Exposure May Affect Whether A Child Will Develop Food Allergies

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Does sun exposure affect whether a child will develop food allergies? Researchers seem to think so.

Recent research by Dr Raymond Mullinshas, an allergy specialist, found that Australians living in northern latitudes are less likely to suffer from allergies. Like the United States, Australia has one of the highest rates of food allergies with about 5 percent of children developing an allergy by the time they start school.

Dr Mullinshas published a paper last week on the topic. His research covered several variables like income, employment, education level as well as EpiPen prescriptions, hospitalization for severe food allergic reactions, and baby formula prescribed because of multiple food allergies.

The outcome: a high prevalence of food allergy in southern states versus northern states.

This is not surprising as a United States study showed the northeast part of the county as having the highest rate of EpiPen prescriptions.

What does this mean? Researchers are linking vitamin D to food allergy. People who live in sunnier states and are outdoors more, tend to have higher levels of vitamin D. Recent evidence has shown a potential link between low vitamin D and other conditions like multiple sclerosis, diabetes and cancer.

More testing and research will need to be done to see if those with food allergies have vitamin D deficiencies.

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