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Living without peanut butter is one of the toughest parts of having a peanut allergy. It's

Most nut butters provide all the same benefits: an easy sandwich spread, a great dip for

Not all oils are created equal. Some oils are high in saturated fats or in trans-fatty acids –

Those with peanut allergies often find that they

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a sensitivity to peanuts? If so, you're probably

In the United States, there are no lines of ice cream that are dedicated to being

What kid doesn't love dressing up in a costume and going door to door on Halloween night, and

Do you have a sweet tooth and more specifically a chocolate craving? Those with

For those who don't have experience with peanut allergies, going 'peanut-free' often seems as

Restaurants are responding to the needs of the food allergy sufferer!

Whether it’s

Those with severe peanut allergies soon learn to look for the 'peanut-free sign' on any packaged