September 20, 2023

The science of creating a responsible gluten-free food

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Ever wonder how a new food gets created?

With demand for gluten-free foods with functional properties increasing, a team of food scientists has taken to the kitchen. Recently, the researchers-turned-chefs found that hemp flour, a byproduct of cold-pressed hemp oil, in combination with decaffeinated green tea leaves could be used to create a gluten-free snack cracker with functional properties.

Gluten-free with Functional Ingredients

The demand for these foods is growing across all food categories on a global level. Interest has never been higher, and it’s increasing. The need for markets to respond with food that can replace wheat proteins, fibers and mineral is important to providing the consumer base with a better selection and more healthful choices. And don’t forget the flavor. We’ve all become spoiled on great flavor with our gluten-free foods. As demand for dietary preferences has increased, so has demand for better use of byproducts of food processing – a type of recycling. Functional ingredients found in these byproducts include antioxidants, phenol, fibers and proteins. The use of these ingredients helps support global sustainability.

Hemp Flour and Your Diet

Hemp flour is rich in proteins, fibers, phytochemicals, minerals, omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Hemp flour can be a very valuable addition to one’s diet. Regarding amino acid content, hemp flour is comparable to egg whites or soy protein. Not bad. Green tea leaves are known to have healthful properties contributing to better heart health and cancer prevention.

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