An allergy rotation diet plan is often recommended for people with more than one food allergy.

For people who have more than one food allergy, rotating your foods can be helpful. You can find additional foods that you may be allergic to which you were not tested for. It helps you watch your diet more closely and to become aware of each food that you eat.

Certain food groups with similar characteristics are eaten on the same day and then not again for three to five days. According to, a rotation diet plan can be difficult and confusing at first, but it becomes easier after you follow it for a while.

How this diet plan works

When you follow a rotation diet, you do not eat foods that you are allergic to for days. Without following a rotation diet carefully, you might eat some foods every day or every two days. The diet helps you lessen the amount of times that you eat allergy-causing foods and you are not exposed to potential allergens as often. The body is able to heal after eating foods that you are, or may be allergic to. When you eat one of the “Big Eight” that cause the most allergies, including eggs, wheat, soy, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish, you do not eat this food again for up to five days.

You may find new food allergies when you are on this diet plan

Many people with multiple food allergies discover more foods that they are allergic to when they follow a rotation diet. These may be minor allergic reactions, but knowing that certain foods cause these reactions can help them avoid these foods in the future. This diet helps you get a clearer picture of which foods cause problems for you, and most allergic people find a few foods that they never realized they were allergic to.

How the diet can help people with food allergies

Many people with several food allergies develop new food allergies over time. The more often that you eat a food, the more likelihood there is that you will become allergic to it. The allergy rotation diet plan allows you to expand your diet because you eat foods from a certain group that you may not have tried before. The more variety in the diet, the less chance there is of having allergic reactions to foods that have never bothered you before.

This diet also helps because the immune system may not overreact by causing an allergic reaction when foods are avoided for up to five days before they are eaten again. Many people see an improvement in their food allergies after they have been on an allergy rotation diet plan for a few weeks.

Rotation diets are not for everyone with food allergies

Allergists recommend that you do not begin an allergy rotation diet plan without first consulting with your doctor. If you have a severe peanut allergy, or an allergy to some of the other “Big Eight” foods, you could end up in the emergency room with a severe allergic reaction. Following this diet under your allergist’s supervision is usually recommended for those with severe food allergies.

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