When you live with a peanut allergy or any other food allergy, it may feel as though you are the only person living with it.

You can connect with the larger community of food allergy sufferers online and find help through social media, but it may be better to join an online support group than to reach out on Facebook.

Why You Should Forget Facebook

Social media websites, such as Facebook, have provided a new way of connecting many people around the world. The site allows people to connect with old friends and family members living in different states or countries. It can also strengthen some existing relationships. Every day, its users update their statuses, write on their friends’ walls, read the latest headlines, and even play video games.

Although Facebook can be a positive tool, using it to talk about your food allergy may not provide the support you need. You may find that people are insensitive to your concerns. You may have many Facebook friends, but how many of them have actually lived with a food allergy? They may not know what you are going through, which is a good reason to start using a support group.

Benefits of Joining a Support Group

Although Facebook can establish connections between many people, not all of them will understand the food allergy lifestyle. Support groups are full of people who have experienced similar situations and can provide insight into living with a food allergy. According to research by internet company Meebo, when seeking help, 53 percent of the population prefers receiving advice from experienced strangers to friends. Not only can you gain valuable information, but you can also share your experiences and wisdom with others.

One reason to try an online support group, like SupportGroups.com, is anonymity. While others have no problem expressing themselves online, you may feel shy or embarrassed to post questions or concerns on your profile. In an online support group, profiles are private with users creating their own usernames.

While in-person support groups are helpful, they may not be available when you need them. If you are having an emergency late at night, you may not be able to speak with someone right away. Online support groups have people from all around the world, so your chances of reaching someone increase. You can visit online support groups any time during the day or night, not just at a scheduled time, making them more convenient. You may be living with a rare food allergy, and finding support online can be much easier than looking for it in-person.

Getting support for your food allergy has never been easier. With new websites connecting people around the world, anyone can find help or advice with the simple click of a button. Join the food allergy group on SupportGroups.com today, and discover the benefits of an online support group.

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