September 21, 2023

Food Allergy Translation App for World Travelers

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Allergy FT is a mobile app that international travelers with food allergies might be interested in.

The “FT” stands for Food Translator.

With this app, users create a food allergy profile for their self and family members. The profiles include a list of each individual’s food allergies.

The app then translates the allergy list into whichever language the user chooses. When a restaurant waiter or food server reads the app screen in a familiar language, they will be clear about the foods a customer must avoid. No internet connection is needed to run the translations.

Origin and Lists

On a trip to Spain in 2012 the apps creator, Gregg Greenberg, had difficulty communicating with waiters about his shellfish allergy, nor could he translate everything he found on the menus. Allergy FT was conceptualized when it occurred to him, “There should be an app for that!” Allergy FT was initially released in May 2013.

The current format has 86 food allergy options in the categories of egg, fish, milk, peanut, shellfish, soy, tree nut, wheat, and others. The translations are created by native speakers and are available in French, Spanish, and German. More languages will be added, and there are no fees for future language updates.

The Website

Endorsers of the app include the International Association for Medical Assistance To Travelers (IAMAT), allergist Dr. Arthur Lubitz, and the Universal Doctor project called it an essential travel health app.

You can download Allergy FT, which runs on the iOS platform, through the Allergy FT website (, or from the iTunes App Store for $2.99. The website also has a list of the allergies programmed into app, and screen photos.

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