Canola Oil Is Made From Rapeseed Plant

Rapeseed oil has been used in Europe for thousands of years, mostly as an industrial oil. It is high in erucic acid that is not edible. After scientists in Canada found a way to reduce the acid in the oil to make it safe to eat, it became a popular alternative for other more expensive oils. It has become one of the most popular cooking oils since the 1980’s.

Some people have an allergic reaction to canola oil

Doctors are not sure why some people have allergic reactions to canola oil because there is no protein in the oil. Allergic reactions occur when the immune system reacts to a protein in the body that is interpreted as a foreign substance. Histamine is then produced and the person develops allergy symptoms that are similar to other food allergy symptoms.

Allergy Symptoms of A Canola Oil Allergy

Having a reaction to eating canola oil can be different in each person. Some people become dizzy and have nausea and vomiting. Other having to sneezing or may develop some type of skin irritation. Many doctors do not recognize these reactions as a true allergic reaction. Your doctor may call it an intolerance or a sensitivity to canola oil. People who have a peanut allergy should probably avoid canola oil. There is a possibility of cross-contamination in the food processing procedure because nut oils are sometimes processed with the same equipment.

Canola Oil May Not Be A Healthy Oil To Use

People with food allergies or who have had a peanut allergy diagnosis need to be aware of every food that they put into their bodies. Canola oil has gone through a lot of controversy over the years, with many people believing that it is not the healthy oil that it is claimed to be.

The Oil May Have Its Omega-3s Damaged During Processing

Canola oil is touted as being healthy because of the omega-3s that are in it. There is some doubt that the healthy omega-3s are still present in the oil after it is processed. High temperatures are used to process the oil that causes it to become rancid, and this process may also take away the oil’s health benefits.

Canola Is Inexpensive

One of the reasons why canola oil is so popular is that it is easy to produce, so it costs less to purchase. Restaurants often use this kind of oil to fry French fries and to cook other foods. Anyone who has had a reaction after eating it should be sure to avoid foods cooked in this oil. Everyone else may want to also consider avoiding it since there is a lot of controversy about the healthiness of canola oil for humans and animals.

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