September 20, 2023

Pretty medical alert bracelets for pretty girls

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Kids don’t like to stand out for the wrong reasons, so a medical ID bracelet can be a tough sell for young girls. Luckily, several manufacturers are addressing the need for fun and fashionable ID bracelets.

Medical ID bracelets can save lives

Sometimes, a reaction can leave a child unable to speak or respond. Bracelets let caretakers, medical response teams and doctors know exactly what the situation is–a food allergy, diabetes, heart disease or any other condition needing specific response treatment.

Lauren’s Hope has created an entire line of medical alert jewelry for all ages and many different medical conditions. Bright colors, bold strips and sparkling rhinestones send a fashionable message to friends and a lifesaving message to caretakers.
Lauren’s Hope will custom engrave your girl’s name, important medical information and ICE number so that a friend or family member can be called in an emergency.

Fiddledee IDs offers an array of sparkling bracelets including one which opens to reveal a compartment inside. This compartment can hold a folded piece of paper with medical information regarding health and current medications as well as contact information for specialized doctors and parents.

They also sell colorful dog tags and necklaces which alert to a medical condition as well. In addition, they have temporary tattoos and stickers which can be used when a child is mixing in a crowd. A peanut allergy sticker at a large picnic or other event would help food servers to know which child should not receive those foods.

It will be difficult to make a choice!

A quick internet search will turn up a lot of options for young girls. And don’t forget about Etsy, where handmade, truly unique bracelets can be found.

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