Even the beautiful people with access to everything can suffer the limitations of food allergies. It’s no secret celebrities try out special diets and a few have insane food preferences, but that’s not the same as a bona fide food allergy. Here are eight celebs who talk openly about their very real and dangerous food allergies.

1. Clay Aiken Clay Aiken has managed to maintain his celebrity well beyond his time on American Idol. He has talked openly about his food allergies which include mint, shellfish, tree nuts, mushrooms and chocolate.

2. Drew Barrymore The long time Hollywood star from a long family lineage of entertainers has an allergy to garlic and coffee.

3. Halle Berry Red carpet beauty and first African American woman to win a best actress Oscar, Halle Berry is allergic to shrimp.

4. Steve Martin Funny man and actor Steve Martin is also allergic to shrimp.

5. Elizabeth Hasselbeck She got her first exposure on television as a contestant on Survivor. Now she is a popular co-host on The View. Elizabeth lives with celiac disease which makes her allergic to wheat and glutens.

6. Ray Romano A favorite “everyman” on television and stage as a stand-up comedian. He has a serious peanut allergy, one of the more common food allergies.

7. Billy Bob Thornton A versatile actor, musician and writer, his allergies include wheat, shellfish and dairy products.

8. Serena Williams One of the finest athletes in the world, tennis champion Serena Williams has learned to live with her peanut allergy while training for the most competitive tournaments in the world.

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