While most people are familiar with the most common symptoms of allergic reactions, these aren’t the only side effects that can be caused by food. Even everyday fruits and vegetables can cause strange reactions, and they don’t necessarily mean that you have an allergy or even a food intolerance, according to theHuffington Post.Here are some unusual side effects caused by food:

1) Carrots. People with hyper-beta carotenemia are missing a liver enzyme, and as a result cannot digest the carotene that gives carrots their orange color. When people with this condition eat carrots or other fruits and vegetables containing carotene, their skin turns orange.
2) Tomatoes. High in lycopene (a pigment believed to be an antioxidant and to reduce the chance of prostate cancer), too much lycopene can gather in the skin, leading to a deep orange discoloration, like with too much carotene.
3) Soy. Soy can be used as a substitute for milk and meat, and even used to make crayons. Though it is a versatile bean, it is one of the top 8 food allergens. According to a 2008 Harvard study, a soy-based diet can also lead to a reduced sperm count.
4) Shiitake Mushrooms. These mushrooms have a stronger, woodier flavor when compared with most other mushrooms, and are a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes. However, some people who touch Shiitake mushrooms get severe skin rashes, similar to touching poison ivy. These red, blistering welts are known as ‘shiitake dermatitis,’ and is caused by the breakdown of a compound in the mushroom known as lentinan.
5) Nutmeg. A little of this spice goes a long way. While a small sprinkle of nutmeg is harmless, eating large quantities of raw nutmeg can cause headaches and even hallucinations and other psychological effects.


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