Are you looking for new allergen-free recipes and products? Check out the Allergen Free Expo this October in Texas. Though it might not exactly be the most important event on your calendar, it’s an important one, if you have food allergies and are tired of eating food that tastes less flavorful than cardboard. The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo brings together cookbook author, nutrition and health experts, and some of the nation’s leading chefs. Visit the expo to learn how to prepare healthy and delicious meals and baked goods that are free from gluten and the 8 most common food allergens.

Jen Cafferty, founder of the expo, says “Living on a restricted diet doesn’t have to mean living without the joy of cooking, baking and eating foods that look and taste great.” The show promises to be a place where you can sample hundreds of allergen-free products, and discover that having food allergies and eating delicious foods are not mutually exclusive. The event features cooking sessions and a vendor fair with dozens of allergen-free companies, including a dedicated area for nut-free products.

The expo will be held October first and second in Dallas. Check out for more details.

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