September 28, 2023

Allergy-caused hospital admissions rising, boys most affected

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In England, more than 20,000 people were admitted to hospitals due to allergic reactions last year. Sixty percent of those were emergencies. That’s about an 8 percent rise in just one year, and the largest patient group was boys under age 4.

Almost one in five admissions was for anaphylaxis, with admissions for food allergies increasing by 6.4 percent.

Health and Social Care Information Centre chair Kingsley Manning said in a release, “This vital information on allergy admissions in England paints a clear picture for policymakers of the scale of hospital inpatient care for these conditions.”

The annual report from HSCIC covers all hospitalized care in England from March of 2013 to February of 2014. The 20,230 admissions for allergy concerns were part of the 3.8 million total hospital admissions in the country.

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