Finally there is a mobile app designed to help families find allergy-friendly restaurants. Allergy Eats was named’s Readers’ Choice 2012 Best Food Allergy App.

About the app

Much like the popular, Allergy Eats is a database of peer reviews that report on a restaurant’s “allergy friendliness.” It allows members of the peanut allergy community to share valuable information about a restaurant’s offerings with one another.

The app’s founder

The founder of Allergy Eats said his goal is to “alleviate a bit of the stress that often accompanies food allergies.” He has two children with allergies, and he said time and again he struggled to find an allergy-friendly restaurant on a family road trip. In an effort to help other families combat this problem, he created Allergy Eats.

The app’s success

So far the site has reviews for 600,000 restaurants around the country, including a variety of chain restaurants as well as smaller, independently owned places.

Go to the website or get the app

To access the Allergy Eats’ database you can either get a free membership on the website or you can download the mobile app.

It will be interesting to see if restaurants become more allergy-friendly in the coming years as they realize how important it is to their customers.

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