Easter is a fun time for kids who celebrate it. From the Easter egg hunts to the baskets full of candy and goodies, it’s hard not to love this annual springtime celebration.

For kids with food allergies, however, things may not be as fun as they could be. Here are some ways to change that and help your food-allergic child have a good time this Easter.

During Easter, most of the food allergy attention is on peanuts and eggs. These are the two primary allergens in traditional Easter goody baskets, after all: decorated eggs and candy with peanuts involved. Avoiding those two is a given. Plastic eggs are often just as good (or better) than are chicken eggs and decorating styrofoam or other false eggs can be just as fun (or even funner) than decorating real eggs. With candy, just avoid anything with peanuts.

Better yet, avoid candy altogether. It’s not good for the kids to have a lot of it anyway, so why not minimize or eliminate it from your Easter plans? If you do go the candy route, make sure to check labels as sometimes the special “Easter” version isn’t as allergen-free as its normal one is.

For children, fun toys are just as good as candy anyway and there are a lot of great basket-stuffers you can find to use instead of candy. Books, toys, stickers, crafts, and a lot of other great stuff can go into that basket.

If you insist on candy and treats, why not make them yourself so you can be sure they’re allergen-free? Here’s a great list of homemade Easter candy recipes you can try.

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