September 28, 2023

AllergyEasy Introduces Sublingual Immunotherapy for Nut Allergies

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Primary care physicians can now prescribe and use sublingual immunotherapy kits made by AllergyEasy as a way to desensitize patients to nuts and diminish allergic reactions over time. The kits can replace the shots usually used for this treatment program and can be done without the supervision of an allergist, saving time and money.

The AllergyEasy kits are given as daily-use solutions that can be taken under the tongue with slowly-increasing concentrations of the allergens the patient is being treated for. Currently, AllergyEasy kits are available to treat tree nut allergies and other common food allergies. It does not yet treat peanut allergies.

AllergyEasy begins with a food allergy test kit to gauge patient reactions to over 60 different foods.

These kits have been on the market for years and are the most common food allergy testing method in use today. These skin prick tests are often the first true test of a patient’s allergy to certain foods. From there, physicians can then decide whether an AllergyEasy sublingual immunotherapy program will help the patient.

Allergy drop kits can be ordered to suit patient need or mixed in the doctor’s office and administered by the patient in their home over time.

AllergyEasy is currently hosting clinics around the country to make allergy patients aware of the treatment option and to inform and train healthcare providers in their dispensation and use. Other allergen kits are also available, including egg, what, soy, rice, and milk.

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