September 28, 2023

AllergyEats 2nd Annual Food Allergy Conference coming this November

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On Nov. 5, AllergyEats will be hosting The 2nd Annual Food Allergy Conference for Restaurateurs: What Every Restaurant Should Know About Food Allergies to Ensure Safety & Maximize Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Revenue in Boston, Mass.

The conference, meant for hotel, restaurant, chefs and other food service operators, will showcase several guest speakers and panel discussions on allergies in the food services industry. The conference focuses on food allergy awareness, accommodating allergies and reducing fears around food allergies.

Restauranteurs noted for their food allergy awareness and proactive approaches will be featured, along with actionable information on how other restaurant owners and food preparation professionals can provide a food-allergy-free option for their patrons. Physicians, training experts and more will also be speaking and on hand for questions.

Lunch during the conference will feature allergy-free foods from some of the vendors in attendance as well as round table discussions with the experts during the meal.

Those interested in registering for the conference can visit AllergyEats’ website for more details.

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