Are some people who say they have food allergies really just picky eaters? While those with truly severe food allergies know how important it is to stay away from their allergen, others may be fibbing when they tell a server that they must avoid a certain food because of allergies.

According to a recent report, saysThe Globe And Mail,up to 20 percent of people claim to have food allergies, while less than 5 percent actually do. High Sampson, director of the Mount Sinai Medical Center’s Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, says that this difference may be caused by people who have non-allergic symptoms caused by eating certain foods. While these people may have a food intolerance, rather than a true food allergy, it’s still important for them to avoid the trigger food.

Others, however, may be making up their food allergies when they simply don’t care for a particular food. More than 90 percent of all food allergies are tied to 8 foods: dairy, eggs, what, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, and fish. Those who are faking their allergies may claim that they are allergic to any type of food, though it should be recognized that there are many other true food allergies that don’t land on the list of the top eight food allergens.

TheGlobe And Mailasks “should you call people out if you think they are lying about their food allergies?”

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