Schools in Australia, as with schools around the globe, vary significantly in how they address food allergies. This growing concern among parents has led to some schools banning outside food, while others restrict common allergens such as peanuts to specific lunchroom tables, and still others have no policies in place to restrict food allergens in the school building.

An elementary school in Mudgee, Australia, has recently been praised by parents for their efforts to protect kids from food allergies. Alyson Scarbrow, whose daughter Emma is a kindergartener with severe food allergies, is one of the parents who is pleased with how Mudgee has decided to handle food allergies.

Mrs. Scarbrow, whose daughter has allergies to nuts, eggs, dairy, sesame, and kiwi fruit, told theMudgee Guardian“The transition to school has been good… It’s also great the school is doing as much as they can to educate people about the risks involved with allergies.” She says that the school has been very accommodating.

Mudgee’s principal, Mark Young, commented that the school had taken a proactive approach, with the goal of being “as preventative and responsive as possible towards nut allergies.” He says “We can never be totally ‘nut free’ but we encourage parents to think about their children’s lunchbox choices.” The school is also making an effort to promote awareness of food allergies through articles in its newsletter.

What has your child’s school done to prevent food allergy reactions?

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