With every college campus offering at least one dining hall, are there enough choices to accommodate everyone? According to the TexasUniversity Star,the food in many college cafeterias does not offer appropriate food for college students with severe food allergies.

TheUniversity Starpoints to the wide variety of food allergies as a barrier for dining hall staff members to adjust to students’ needs. In addition, dining halls are crowded during main meal times, making it inconvenient to ask staff members about ingredients or request special assistance. Those on duty may not have an understanding of food allergies or know which ingredients are in which foods. TheUniversity Starsuggests that information about food ingredients should be provided to students.

Money is another issue for those trying to avoid food allergens on campus. Eating an allergen-free diet on campus can be expensive, not to mention frustrating. The required meal plan is wasted if students aren’t able to consume the food available through the dining hall.

Though the article spoke specifically about Texas State University, the problem is found on college campuses around the country. The newspaper suggests that offering allergen-friendly food, with ingredients properly identified, would allow college students to focus on their studies rather than worrying that the food in the dining hall could kill them.

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